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Seasons Biome Blend
  • Seasons Biome Blend is a bioavailable and nutrient dense horse feed pellet that combines sainfoin forage with high value foods to meet protein, vitamin and mineral targets for optimal equine  health. The feed pellet is blended with unprocessed organic materials to support the microbiome. 


    Select Seasons Biome Blend if you are looking to: 

    • Bring forage-based, balanced and bioavailable nutrition to your horse
    • Diversify your horse’s diet
    • Provide prebiotic foods to support the equine microbiome

    Seasons Biome Blend

    • 2lbs Daily for a Healthy Horse.

      5-6lbs Daily for an Underweight Horse. 

      • Feed 0.5 pound - 0.75 pounds per 250 pounds of bodyweight for maintenance of mature horses. 
      • Feed with clean, good quality hay at the rate of 1-2 pounds per 100 pounds of bodyweight per day or pasture equivalent. Provide fresh and clean water at all times. 
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