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Heartsong's Partners


James Shaw

International riding clinician, author, and lecturer James Shaw has been a student of martial arts for over 30 years. Based on the internal martial and healing art principles of Ba Qua and Tai Chi, James has created his unique rider training program, ‘Ride from Within’. He has taught his methods for over 17 years to riders of all levels and disciplines with great success. James teaches a new paradigm and presents a new understanding and application of biomechanics to the riding world. He has worked with many top-level competitive dressage riders.

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Dr. Susan Fay

Are the silent, yet powerful ingredients missing from most horse training techniques and riding instruction? As a research scientist and life-long equestrian, Dr. Fay spent more than two decades searching for scientific explanations for why some people are able to develop seemingly spiritual relationships with horses. She discovered that equestrians with this gift merely know how to use their natural abilities in a way that most of us were never taught. These abilities already exist inside of each one of us, so we merely need to understand how to use them. But we also need to be willing to open our eyes and hearts and let go of what we believe is possible.


Jack Lieser

I have spent over 25 years training hundreds of horses from all breeds and teaching horsemanship clinics nationwide. With a background in Classical, Natural and Western riding disciplines, I have my own style that emphasizes connecting and building a relationship with the horse.

I also coach clients around their life dreams and how to discover and act upon their Soul Goal(s).

My other interests are spending time with my wife, learning, fitness, health, regenerative farming, and studying the wisdom of the Bible.


Kenda Firkins

Kenda's passion for Cowboy Dressage comes from her multigenerational horse background of training, development, and showing. Kenda has ridden and worked with horses her entire life, from the ground up. She was raised on horseback on her family's cattle ranch in the heart of Missouri. Kenda has owned and developed gaited and non-gaited horses of many breeds and mules.

Kenda continues her equine education with both Cowboy Dressage Boot camps and personal riding instruction. Kenda is a Clinician, Judge, Coach, and competitor in Cowboy Dressage. Contact her to judge, host, or attend a clinic in your area. 

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Erin Paul

Erin is passionate about teaching all levels, breeds, and disciples; whether you ride English or western, do dressage or have never heard of it, love ground work or never do it, Erin would love to work with you. 


Erin is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist, and has trained her rescue horse up to Grand Prix Dressage. She is also a graduate of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program with that same horse, and has tamed her own wild mustang. She prioritizes correct movement in the horse and posture in the rider, drawing her philosophy from classical dressage and natural horsemanship. The most important thing to Erin is to have fun while building a strong partnership and foundation to serve you + your horse for whatever you want to do.


Dr. Emily Rose

Dr. Emily Rose is the owner of Reaching Strides Equine Rehabilitation LLC, which offers Physical Therapy services from rehabilitation to performance improvement for both horse and rider.  Dr. Rose holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. Dr. Rose is faculty for the Veterinary Academy of Higher Learning and the University of Tennessee Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner program and travels internationally, teaching clinics and workshops.  Dr. Rose is also an active rider herself and competes in Dressage.  She has achieved her USDF Bronze Medal rider achievement award.  Dr. Rose and her husband, Ryan Rose, own and operate Rose Horsemanship Center in Brooklyn, WI, a full-service training and rehabilitation facility. 

Health & Healing

What works on animals also works on humans.

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Hands down the best lesson I’ve ever had. I’ve never left a lesson feeling so at ease, confident, and connected to a horse as I did after training with Monica. Her methods and ideology are something that resonated deeply with me; her calm and attentive demeanor made it easy to connect with and you can feel the wonderful relationship and love she shares with her horses. I cannot wait for another lesson!

MJ   /   Minnesota